Dec 6, 2016

Children's Place

Ryan had to work a Saturday a few months ago. Whenever he has to work a Saturday, the boys and I need some adventure to break up the long week we just survived. So first thing that morning, I loaded up the boys in the car for a 40 minute drive to another city for this magnificent park. I guess that's what you do once you become a mom. You look up the cool parks to go to and that becomes your day of adventure hitting them up and exploring. And this park... Let's just say it was worth the 40 minute drive, for sure. I mean seriously--- do you ever see playgrounds like this anymore? In all my years of adventuring to playgrounds, this one was a favorite.  
The boys loved exploring and we had the park a good chunk of the morning to ourselves. It was a pretty dang cool way to spend a Saturday before Greyson came. I would have LOVED chasing these boys around here. Instead, I wobbled through a bit and sat on a bench and watched them go wild.