Aug 18, 2015

6ish months later...

I'm trying to stay on the ball here with keeping our little family blog alive, but let's be real, I'm struggling just to keep the kids alive. To my credit, these pictures were actually taken just a few days after his 6 months-- it just took almost a month to post them. Maybe because Simon doesn't like to give me much of a break during the day. His napping is atrocious, but he sleeps 13 hours straight at night so really I can't complain.... too much. And yes, that smile. It makes his refusal to nap worth it...almost.

Would you look at these two?! Yes, there's the spontaneous jealousy when Ryan holds Simon instead of Lincoln-- or when I give Simon a toy and Lincoln suddenly feels a strong urge HE has to have it now, simply because his brother has it, but overall, they're great brothers to each other. Simon will watch everything Lincoln does and laugh at all the goofy faces Lincoln pulls-- and Lincoln is incredibly sensitive to Simon's needs and showing him love, even when I'm not there to witness it. How do I know this? Because this morning, as I went to pick up Simon off the floor while he was playing next to Lincoln, I noticed he had white gunk in his hair. My initial reaction was, "what the heck is this?! I just bathed him!" uggggggh. .
"Lincoln? Did you put something in Simon's hair?"
"A kiss!"
I looked up at Lincoln's face and realized the yogurt he just demolished off for breakfast was all over his face, chin, neck, shirt.... and now, in Simon's hair. But why was it in Simon's hair?? Because he went over and gave his brother a kiss on the head when I wasn't even there to witness. I was incredibly grateful in that moment that Simon and Lincoln have each other and that I have them. One of the other ways Lincoln shows his love is cheering Simon on after he belches from a feeding, "Good burp, Simon!" Or when Simon is crying, Lincoln will come over and say, "Don't cry, Simon" and hands him a toy. If that doesn't do the trick, he tells me in a concerning voice, "Time for Simon's nap!"
Life is good though, really good. I've got these two boys keeping me busy, keeping me laughing, cooking, cleaning, chasing circles around the kitchen, playing trains, laughing some more, building forts, playing in the sprinklers, keeping my feet sore by the end of the day and helping me work on my patience. :)

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