Sep 5, 2015

lucky 7's

August was a good month for us--- 7 years of marriage and Simon's 7 months!!

Our anniversary has always been a thought-out, planned celebration. We usually go on a trip or plan some new adventure, but this year was different. First of all, we aren't around family that we could pawn the kids off to for an overnight, and second, we have two kids now! Heck, even a trip to the grocery store with both kids is a complete hassle-- let alone a trip that's intended to be romantic and relaxing. Forget about it. But let's face it, 3 hours without kids is a vacation in itself.

Even though this year was rather simple compared to other anniversaries, it was just as memorable as always. We hadn't made any set plans other than having a babysitter come over that night. An hour before she arrived, I asked Ryan what we should do. I had to pick up my jaw off the floor when he told me he had already planned something. WHAT???!!! This guy always keeps me on my toes....(literally, too. See picture above ^^)  The next part is hilarious...

We got in the car to drive and within three minutes, he pulled into a shopping center by our house. What the heck? Just past the grocery store, to the little shops next door, he parked in front of an Asian reflexology spa. This wasn't your typical massage spa with tranquil music in the background, soft white sheets to lay on, and where your masseuse talks to you softly to prevent disrupting the ambiance. This special place had red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, floral china decor, and concubine art on the wall-- Ryan informed me as we walked in that he booked me a massage "...aaaaand they don't speak English."

I convinced him that he couldn't miss out on a massage from such a place as this one, especially on our anniversary. What kind of loving wife would I be if I hadn't convinced him to partake in this interesting experience--- he agreed.

And then it was one of the funniest experiences we've had, trying to ask them if they could do a couples massage. They initially took us to two separate rooms where we had to ask again if we could have two tables NEXT to each other (talking loudly and slowly with hand gestures usually helps when speaking to someone in a different language). They FINALLY understood, so Ryan helped carry a massage table from one room to another, banging walls in the process and having the owner speaking some type of directions (or profanities??) to Ryan. The rather large exposed guy (or woman??) getting his rub down right next to us was probably much disturbed. Not much privacy in this place.

The massage was a whole other experience in itself--- One of those "I'm-going-to-jam-my-elbow-into-pressure-points-you-never-knew-existed" types of massages. I seriously thought at one point, he was trying to do the sleeper-hold on me as he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed really hard on some pressure points. I laid there thinking... "I'm literally going to pass out..." At one point, I even turned my head to look at Ryan. I was barely able to muster out a sentence before the guy grabbed my head, turned it back into the head rest, and pushed it down so I couldn't turn and talk with Ryan. I didn't have the courage to talk to Ryan much after that. AND THEN!!!! They managed to give me a second degree burn (okay, not really) on my back when he threw a scalding towel down without letting it cool for more than a millisecond. That was nice. Didn't even have to pay extra for that.

We later found out that they do speak a little English when they asked for a bigger tip. Oh Ryan, my love, thank you so much for such a memorable experience. You're definitely my "butter half".

And now for my other 7. 
My smiley Simon. 
He's seven months and is finally mastering his roll. I know every child is different and a parent shouldn't compare their children, but Lincoln was 5 months old when he started crawling. I would be lying if I didn't say I thought there was something wrong with Simon. Why isn't he rolling much? Why isn't he sitting? Is there something the matter with my child??! No. He's just fine. He's just doin' his thang...or not doin' his thang... whichever. :) I take comfort in knowing he doesn't succumb to peer pressure, even though I've laid down a heavy dose of it to get him to try and crawl...or sit on his own. 
He's got two little teeth poking through and is starting finger foods. He's got the perfect face for rocking a mad cow-lick and by his stellar fashion sense, he thinks I rock--- he's clearly very intuitive, too. Speaking of how I rock, I've been teaching Lincoln to give me compliments. The two we're working on are, "you wook pwitty mama," and "you my bes fren." Clearly I'm using my child to boost my ego, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, right? 
He held the sitting pose for about a solid minute! WOOHOO! The trick is to put him in almost a splits-pose. He'll grow up with great flexibility.

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