Jun 28, 2015


Simon turned five months on Tuesday and naturally, I had to take a bunch of pictures for such a HUUUGE milestone. :) Everything is a mile stone from a mother's point of view, right? I love experiencing little milestones all over again-- He smiled? Awww. He laughed? Awww. He did a half roll? Awww. He cough-farted? Awww. Yes, we celebrate the first of everything around here. And this is the part where I start bragging about how awesome my baby is and bombard you with lots of pictures.  

I will refer to Simon as Smiley from here on out though because -- do I really need to explain? I mean look at him. Ryan got home from work early and came home to me taking his pictures and jumped in on the 5 month photo shoot.  It's a good thing too, because rubbing his grizzly scratchy beard on Smiley's neck really brought out the giggles. 

Smiley has been that chubby blob of constant happiness and joy in this home. We started introducing solids a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing this kid is going to put a huge dent in our grocery budget. Smiley can really put the food away, like really put the food away. This makes me extremely happy. I'm not the only one who finds joy watching their kids eat a lot of food, am I?-- I know, I'm weird. I just want to fatten them up so I have more squishy kids to cuddle up with.