Jun 26, 2015

the birthday father

I don't think Ryan will ever let me forget the year I didn't do anything for his birthday. That was last year, and it was kinda a big one-- the big 30. But I really do have a valid excuse, or at least I'm really good at making myself feel better with not-so-valid excuses. First, we had just moved to Austin, Texas like 5 days prior. Second, we were living in a crammed hotel room. Third, I didn't know the area or have any special idea where to take him out. Fourth, it was crazy hot and humid, I thought I was going to die just walking from our hotel room to the car. And lastly, but most importantly, I was in the very early stages of pregnancy with Simon. That stage where all I want to do is sleep all day because my sleep at night is nonexistent. He was gifted a 5lb bag of peanut M&M's and a dinner to Texas Roadhouse. TEXAS freaking ROADHOUSE? We're in Texas with all these amazing bbq places that I have no idea where they are and we end up at Texas Roadhouse? It's a little comical, but their rolls and honey butter don't have me feeling TOO bad. 
Anyway, Ryan couldn't care less, but the whole thing turned into a joke and me promising to make it up to him next year. It also doesn't help that his birthday is the same weekend as Father's Day... He was gypped Father's Day, too. 

I know he's been wanting to go fishing, so I ended up renting us a pontoon boat to take to the lake. Ryan did a little fishing, I did a little bit of relaxing, Simon did a lot of sleeping, and Lincoln did a lot of eating.

It ended up being an awesome day together and it probably had something to do with me getting in the water. I'm the loser who doesn't like swimming in lake water. I'm such a wimp to any water below 85 degrees and not being able to see below me really freaks me out. I think the Loch Ness monster and movies like Anaconda have ruined me, and I've never even seen that movie... Anyway, maybe it was the fact that Ryan turned 31 and I'm realizing that one day I'll be in my 30's (heaven forbid) that made me feel a little crazy and spontaneous that day and I did something crazy, I got in the lake. But I didn't just get in the lake, I stayed in the lake and swam in the lake. I was like a little kid laughing and screaming "Look at me!!!! I'm swimming in the lake!!!! THIS IS SO LIBERATING!!!" (Even as I'm typing this I'm thinking I need to get out more if swimming in the lake is liberating HA!) But it WAS!! My boys all thought I was crazy, I'm sure, and they're right.