Jun 8, 2015

and a not so memorable memorial day weekend

Onto our 4 month old Smiley Simon and him discovering his tongue. 90% of his pictures, from here on out, will feature his tongue protruding from his mouth. It really ups the cute-factor on this little man. These pictures are a little late, but with a valid excuse. 
We had made plans Memorial Day weekend to stay in a beach condo. Three days before leaving, I started developing a headache, each day getting worse and worse. We were planning on leaving first thing Saturday morning, but by Friday night, I thought I was literally dying--literally. The headache turned into the most debilitating migraine. I couldn't get any relief from medication. The slightest light or any noise softer than a whisper brought shooting pain to my head. I couldn't walk, I couldn't lay down, I couldn't move. Around midnight, I began feeling nauseous and had developed a high fever. After throwing up, I decided  I really needed to go to the hospital. 

After a CT and spinal tap, I found out I had meningitis. MENINGITIS! WHAT THE HECK!? On top of the meningitis, I almost had a heart attack after they told me they needed to admit me for a few days until they determined whether it was bacterial or viral. You're joking right? I have two kids at home, one of which is a 4 month old that's solely breastfeeding, PLUS, we are leaving town in the morning for the beach!!! That wasn't enough to convince them to change my diagnosis and let me go home. 

It was so hard for me to be away from my family, especially Simon. I knew Ryan and Lincoln would manage just fine without me, but I hadn't been away from Simon more than 3 hours since he's been born. I was convinced that Simon would starve because he wouldn't take a bottle, Ryan would have a breakdown taking care of two kids on his own, and that our house would probably burn down. Pretty much, no one would survive and everything would fall into shambles because the mother of the house wasn't there.  Through a humbling reality check to my ego, I learned it wasn't the end of the world for my children or husband--they all survived just fine without me. 

I'm sure it was a mixture of no kids, no house to clean, no meals to make and let's not forget, the lovely concoction of narcotics they were giving me, but my hospital stay sure felt like a much needed mommy-vacation. I laid on my adjustable bed in my robe, having people come check-in on me to see if I needed anything, and I even ordered room service.

Speaking of room service--

I was starving Saturday and called down to place an order for lunch around 11. By 3 I was hungry again and called down to order more food. 

The lady asked me.."Oh! Did you not like the lunch we sent you earlier?" 

"Uhh...yes, it was great." (Okay I'm embarrassed now) "I'm just still really hungry and that first meal was more like a late breakfast for me."

Is severe hunger a sign of meningitis? No? Well, that was really awkward then. 

By Sunday, my results came back viral and they began to cut back on drugs to see how my pain would be. I wasn't 100%, but the fact I was able to turn my head side to side without feeling like an artery was going to burst and after eating the two desserts I just ordered, I was feeling pretty dang good. I was able to go home by that afternoon and thank goodness because seriously, look at this kid, I couldn't stay away from him much longer. 
My parents flew out for a week to help take care of the kids while I was still recovering. It was pretty much the best thing ever. I slept more than I have in a very long time, my mom kept the house clean and cooked some meals. GLORIOUS. Unfortunately, the day they left is the day we found out Ryan had contracted meningitis, too! Luckily, his case was not as severe and he recovered quickly. 

guess what!? 

this home is meningitis free now!! YIPPEEE!