Apr 6, 2015

Honest Lincoln

According to Lincoln, he apparently turned "4". Actually, every time you ask him it's a different age. By the time we finally teach him to say 2, he probably will be 4. Silly kid.

Lincoln is quite the stud muffin and continues to crack us up EVERY stinkin' day. His smile, his laugh, his facial expressions, and let's not forget, his hair, which has yet to lay completely flat. We still get many comments from strangers on it. Although I'm getting tired of replying, "Yeah, it's pretty crazy," I know the day will come when it no longer sticks straight up and I'll more than likely have an emotional breakdown.

He loves waving and saying hello to strangers. He's ran up and given hugs to people he has never met and sometimes people I don't even know myself! It's incredibly sweet, but causes for concern down the road. I think the stranger danger talk may come sooner than later.

Now, quick embarrassing story.

I went in for my postpartum check-up a few weeks ago. The doctor had to check my downstairs to make sure everything healed up okay. I had taken off my bottoms and covered up with the sheet they had given me. Lincoln was running around the room trying to entertain himself while we waited for the doctor. The tongue depressors in the drawer must have lost their excitement because he ran over to me, lifted up the sheet covering me up, and peeked underneath. He looked at me with this expression of concern and said, "YUCK!" Then, like a bully, he laughed and ran away.

Well, that didn't help me feel better with my body image... but it was humorous, nonetheless. You can always count on a child to be honest and say what they're thinking. Just wait Lincoln, for the day I tell you that you were born out of my "yuck". Then we'll see who's laughing!!

Oh, this child of mine.

Thrilled to have sprinkles on his pancakes and even more so thrilled when a box of cupcakes and balloons were delivered that afternoon from Papa and Nana Z. 
Yep. Face dive into the frosting. 

Probably the 10th time he blew out the candles. Once is never enough. 
And lastly, to feed off his current obsession of Thomas, his little train fort. 
We love you Lincoln! Thanks for bringing some major spunk into this family.