Mar 27, 2015

I married a playground bully

A few weeks ago we had a kid's birthday party to go to at the park. Ryan had taken Lincoln over to the playground to play and started waving some bubbles around for Lincoln to chase (I won't explain why Ryan had bubbles on him, he just did). Usually Lincoln would have LOVED this, but at the park with a playground calling his name, he ran off to bigger and better things.

You would think Ryan would have put the bubbles away since his own child wasn't interested in them, but no. Not in this case. There was this random boy, maybe 5 years old, who saw them and went crazy over the bubbles, like real crazy excited. He started chasing the bubbles and laughing and swatting the bubbles with this sweet balloon sword he had with him. Ryan, being the thoughtful guy he is, kept the bubbles flowing for this random little bubble-loving boy.

This little boy was chasing a particular bubble. Unfortunately, like many other kids, he wasn't looking where he was going. Alas, the inevitable happened. He biffed it. He biffed it real good. He didn't just biff it though, he biffed it and landed on his rad balloon sword and POP! followed by loud crying.

The mother came running over to her son to console him, which was the exact moment I started walking away from the crime scene. Picture this: the crying boy rubbing his hurt leg and realizing his balloon popped, the mother dusting him off and probably giving Ryan the "stink-eye" for inadvertently hurting her child, and then there was Ryan. My 6'7 husband with a bubble wand in his hand who suddenly (because Lincoln wasn't by his side and his wife was slowly distancing herself) looked like some creeper who came to the park by himself, armed with a bubble wand, luring little children so he can crush their spirits, and in this case, destroy sword balloons.

Lesson to be learned here children: watch where you are running and leave your sword balloons at home.

Anyway, onto my boys. who just so happened to celebrate 2 years and 2 months this past week. :) I'll exclude the picture where Lincoln actually did poke Simon's eye out. And because grandma is my one faithful blog reader, I already know I'm going to get a phone call about how I need to keep an eye (pun intended) on Lincoln more so that he doesn't hurt Simon because Simon is a like a little baby bird that is fragile... Don't worry grandma, he still has another eye that's working okay!!!!! :)
And a random purchase of buying a remote for our camera turned into quite a battle with Lincoln. Once I showed him what it did, he would not hand it over. Lots of random pictures with the top of Lincoln's head, like this one. 
He did manage to get a nice one of all three of us...thanks to my inconspicuous death grip I had around his waist so he would stay on my lap. You think this smile is from soaking in the love I have for my two boys? Yes, but more so a "look who's in control now" smile. 
 Life is good with this ridiculously good looking 2 month old of mine.