Mar 10, 2015

RIP white onesie

See this white onesie I so foolishly placed on my child. It's now in our garbage can. Let me explain why.....
^^^^^^ Lincoln's hair is a large target to photograph around... 

I don't do laundry often. I like to let it pile high and wide and have us all run out of clothes, towels, underwear, and socks before I do laundry. The other day, after I had gone through the ENTIRE house and washed everything, I was quite pleased our laundry situation was taken care of for awhile. Why is it, the moment I finish all our laundry, Simon decides he wants to massacre his clothes?

Poop mid-diaper change is what killed this white onesie. I had no other clothes to wash with it and there was no way I was doing anymore handwashing (too much of that lately). Thus, it's in the garbage can.

Which brings me to one more point about laundry and baby clothes. WHY, someone please tell me why, do we even have white baby clothes? I only blame myself for putting it on him. From now on, Simon will only get to wear brown, black, navy blue, forest green, and mustard yellow clothing. I'll reinstate white once he can get a better hold of his bowel movements.

until then, i'll just count down till summer. Naked kiddos day and night!!!!!
Wanna know what pure boredom looks like? ^^^^^^^

And lastly, mother of the year award for letting her toddler play with choking-hazard-toys right next to a baby. Don't call C.P.S. on me, I plopped this beautifully robed body of mine in between the two boys and kept a keen eye on all those green triangles. We're only missing one...