Apr 8, 2015

breakfast club

My breakfast date growing up was my dad. Before school, I'd  wake him up so we could go downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal together (okay, maybe several bowls of cereal together). Sometimes we would talk and sometimes we would sit in silence because we were both in the process of waking up. Either way, it was time I got to spend with my dad, just the two of us. We were our own little club, the breakfast club.

Right now, Lincoln doesn't wake up until I put Simon down for his morning nap. First thing in the morning I get my one-on-one with Simon. It's usually just me talking to myself while we lay in bed and I try to get him to smile. Once I put Simon down for his morning nap, Lincoln wakes up. And then it's time for breakfast.

I always ask Lincoln what he wants for breakfast, but 90% of the time it's our oatmeal. We usually sit at his little kid's table with the chair that's way too small for me and way too hard on my butt. I'm in my robe and he's rockin' his bed-head. We say a little prayer and have our little conversations.

One morning, I decided last second to eat outside on our patio because the weather here is simply perfect. Lincoln was pretty stoked, which made me ridiculously excited to see him so thrilled about our breakfast date outside. And then it hit me; I realized I'm making those same memories I had with my dad, but now, with my own kid. Naturally, I had to run inside to grab the camera. One day, I will look at these pictures and think how our little breakfast club was pretty dang superb. Maybe by the time Simon is on solids and he can wake up at the same time as Lincoln, he can join our club. :)