Apr 20, 2015

sweet berry farm

One of my good friends and I ventured outwith the kiddos to the Sweet Berry Farm by Marble Falls. You know you have a good friend when the weather is supposed to be rainy and the drive out is a little over an hour, but still agrees to keep you company in case the trip becomes an epic fail-- which it wasn't.

The drive out did start off pretty rough, though. We hit some terrible traffic that left us at a complete standstill. With another 40 minutes of driving ahead of us and cars piled up for miles ahead, I was ready to call my friend and convince her to cancel the whole thing. Instead, I called my mom and told her the plans for the day. She was extremely excited for us, like almost overkill happy for us. At first I thought she was being slightly sarcastic, but she kept saying how wonderful it was that I was making these memories with my boys and that it was an awesome way to spend the day. Mom's are always right.

Here I was, only moments before, subconsciously cursing the traffic with Lincoln in the back crying "POOOOP!" I later found out he was slightly constipated and things were looking really ugly. But after hearing my mom, my whole attitude changed. I was really blessed-- not with the constipated-child-part, but of all the things I could be doing, I was able to be outside on a beautiful day, with my boys and with our friends at a strawberry farm. And even though my boys are still too young to remember these things, I'm grateful I get to be their personal chauffeur and guide on our little field trips.

See this full basket of beautiful red juicy strawberries? That basket was not ours. We ended up leaving with none. Lincoln either ate what I picked or threw them out of the basket. I pretty sure the farm would frown upon people coming out, picking their strawberries, eating or throwing them, and then not buying any. 
 Was the trip still worth it? Of course. I mean, look at this kid's face.

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