Jan 7, 2015

Overdue pregnancy post....

my favorite things right now: my first pair of maternity pants, which I tried to hold out on as long as possible but quickly became a necessity....especially if I wanted to ever leave the house without wearing sweats and yoga bottoms. 2. Cankle rubs from the hubby. he originally had asked to give me a foot rub, but I told him the cankles need some lovin and WOWZA it feels good.

well i'm now 37 weeks and have grown quite significantly than when these pictures were taken. I'm planning on taking at least one more picture before the arrival but if my procrastination continues, as it has this whole pregnancy, I'll be grateful for one last belly shot in the hospital before this baby boy makes his arrival.

This pregnancy has flown by rather quickly. Quicker than when I was pregnant with Lincoln for sure. There was a drag around 24 week mark when I thought really? That's it??!?! Now I'm thinking, HOLY *&^#*&^ there's so much to do to prepare! But then I remember how things were with Lincoln. His nursery wasn't set up and the house wasn't as clean as I would have liked, and guess what? We survived! I'm not going to stress about it (At least that's what I say now and then watch what happens; I go into labor and start yelling, "I CAN'T HAVE THIS BABY NOW!! I'M NOT READY!!!!"). *sigh*

Let's give myself a round of applause though for a freezer full of dinners I prepared over the weekend. WOO HOO! Last time I did this with Lincoln, there were some I had never tried before and they didn't turn out that great. This time around, we've tried them all and they're delicious and ready to be thrown in the crockpot! Eventually I'll share what dinners I prepared. Just don't hold your breath, you know my procrastination lays heavily on this blog.

So here's to the next 3 weeks (knock on wood) before baby boy graces us with his presence. Until then, I have a babysitter lined up every weekend for Ryan and I, as well as special dates to take Lincoln on for some quality 1 on 1.