Dec 30, 2014

halloween and some friday night lights

this boy is such a ham^^^ Look at those cheeks stuffed to the max of kettle corn. 

We went and checked out the halloween hot air balloon event. It's definitely on our list to go again next year. Bring a big blanket and food and wait for the show. As soon as it's dark you can line up and go trick-or-treating at each of the hot air balloons. We didn't bother standing in line, instead we stayed cozy on our blanket, ate our kettle corn, and watched the hot air balloons light up. 

Lincoln was pretty mesmerized, which made Ryan and I mesmerized watching Lincoln's reaction. Even though that last picture I have of him and Ryan in front of the balloons makes him look not-so-thrilled... he was. 

We decided to take him out trick or treating this year since he was old enough to walk around and actually score some candy for his parents. Unfortunate thing for Ryan and I..... Lincoln was not a fan of going up to the doors and getting candy. We practically had to shove him up there. He eventually got the hang of it but by that time his pumpkin pail broke. The stash he got was decent. Ryan and I would have been happier for more, but next year we'll have to do a little more coaching beforehand if we really want the jackpot. 

Oh, and crazy me decided to make costumes for all three of us. I figured I would do something easy, and it was... but I was regretting it last minute since I postponed making them to the last day. But they were super easy to make and I thought they turned out pretty decent. I went for the skeleton costumes since I had seen some pregnant mama's sporting the costume with the baby on the belly. Naturally I had the boys match me. Except Ryan had a burger and soda and Lincoln had candy. :)

We ended our Halloween  by 7 and went with some friends to a high school football game. High school football is a pretty big deal here in Texas, I guess. Ever seen the show Friday Night Lights? "Texas Forever!"