Jan 7, 2015

Our first own little christmas

This Christmas was our first own little Christmas without family. Just us three (+baby boy). We went to the Trail of Lights here in Austin, which will now be a new tradition for as many years as we live here. Lincoln had special seating right up on daddy's shoulders for the whole trail. We thought about having his picture taken with Santa while we were there, but that thought was squashed in about 30 seconds when we saw how long the line was. So what does any lazy but somewhat creative parents do? Just pose in FRONT of Santa, and maybe photo shop the other kids out? Well, at least we got a picture with Santa in the background....close enough. 

Christmas Eve we went over to some friends for a little while and then made a drive around neighborhoods with gas-station hot chocolate on our way home. Since we were in a residential area, we brought Lincoln up front to sit on my lap to get a better view of the lights, but all he was interested in was pulling on the visor and cranking up the radio and pushing buttons and trying to open the door. He lasted maybe one block or two before we put him back in his car seat. 
I know our gifts look bare. Funny things is, is that two of the three gifts you see wrapped are from the in-laws. And all the little gifts for Lincoln were from my parents. The only thing we bought Lincoln was a train set I found at a consignment store for $20. With the train set and gifts from Papa and Nana, he scored big time. SHHHH. I even put half of the gifts they gave him away for his birthday. :)

Oh, and then there was the brilliant idea of decorating sugar cookies. I tried to make it as easy as possible and buy the pre-made dough that only requires you to slice and put on a cookie sheet. Apparently that's still a little too complicated for me. Mine turned into a sugar cookie sheet. I ended up getting a cookie cutter and cutting a few and thought, screw it. I don't care if they are perfect circles. They're all going to the same place right?

Good thing I didn't take the time. Lincoln didn't care for the cookies, or frosting, or sprinkles. He's weird like that sometimes. Or maybe he refused to eat the cookies because they were ugly and odd-shaped.
But he was pretty dang stoked about his Santa pancakes I made. It's a good thing he doesn't really understand Santa because he would have told me off right away saying, "This doesn't look like Santa!" And I would have replied, "you're right kid, they sure don't." Thanks pinterest for making our food look creepy. 
And this picture just cracked me up. I was making our hot chocolate and thought, as I was admiring our pretty hot chocolate, "Parenthood must mean having toy rifles on the counter."

And lastly, our new christmas ornament this year!!! We do one every year and I was so unoriginal and bought a texas state ornament. It's pretty cool but pales in comparison to what Ryan bought. He's never bought one before and of course the first time he does, he showed me up big time. If you didn't see the photo I posted on instagram back around Halloween, we had an owl get into our house that nearly gave me a heart attack and luckily didn't scar Lincoln with owl-terrors. Anyway, Ryan was the hero and caught the owl. He found an owl ornament and now, every year when we hang up the brown owl we can re-tell the story of the owl getting in the house through the fireplace. Good times. :)

anyway, we hope y'all had a great and merry Christmas!