Nov 14, 2014

salt lick

My awesome parents came to crash the ol' Shideler homestead the end of October. It was the perfect weekend to have them because they were able to help jump start my birthday celebration week. They took us out to dinner one night to Salt Lick, which is pretty much the place to go for BBQ here in Austin. They don't mess around there. It's some pretty serious BBQ-ing going on.

I would have liked to get more pictures of the place, but Lincoln was a terror and we had to rotate eating so one of us could take him walking outside the courtyard. (And when I say "take turns" I really mean my mom and I. Do you think I could have pulled these men away from their food?)

But how could I ask this face to be on "Lincoln duty"? He was so happy!!

My parents are pretty generous when it comes to birthday gifts. I mean, seriously, the gift of meat sweats and food-induced coma???????..... that's real love right there.
And one last pic of the night, just because these pictures are always funny.
Dad asked me what button to push..
"The one on the..."