Oct 20, 2014


 these moments right here, captured in these pictures, are one of the happiest of my life. 

we had a little weekend trip down to galveston, which is just over 3 hours from here so it was a perfect little weekend getaway. 2 days crammed of beach, food, beach, and food. 

and can i tell you how much this boy loves his daddy??!! Like crazy. Ryan and I both agree this was the best part of the trip was hearing Lincoln laugh hysterically as daddy chased him around in circles. Something small and silly was simply melting this mama's heart. 

All of us laughing on the beach, the boys chasing each other while me, myself, and my growing belly sprawled out on the towel watching the show-- yep, one of the happiest moments in my life. 
and we'll end with a blurry family photo. I love this one. :)

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