Oct 16, 2014

boys rule!

Wow... I'm back to posting baby bump pics?

It's pretty funny, mainly because it's true, how the second child doesn't get as much attention as the first did. A little sad, but let's face it, Lincoln requires like 99% of our attention. Taking weekly bump pictures like I did with Lincoln? Yeah, that's not happening.

Although, baby boy 2 does have all of our attention (shared with Netflix and popcorn) after Lincoln goes to sleep each night. Naturally, that's when he's most active and kicking and punching and somersaulting in the belly.... I feel as if it's his way of saying... "Okay Mom and Dad, focus on me!!!! Look how hard I can kick!"
When I was pregnant with Lincoln, parenthood/baby/pregnancy talk is what consumed our lives. It's exciting because you're experiencing something for the first time. And although this pregnancy isn't exactly how it was with Lincoln, it's still exciting, but in a whole new way that's special on it's own.

It's special because I know how much happiness and joy has come into our lives with Lincoln, and to know we have been blessed with another baby.... I can't even imagine life getting better than it is now, but it is! And for that, I'm excited for our second boy to come join this house of shenanigans with us.