Sep 12, 2014

Hello there, Emma Long

eating his popsicle like a boss ^^^^

Ryan's work schedule has been a little demanding..... who am I kidding? It's been very demanding. Longer hours than what we were accustomed to in Arizona, so it's been a bit of challenge--probably more for me than Ryan. I need someone to slap me silly next time I start complaining or to gouge my eyes out for checking the clock every five minutes in the evening wondering how much longer. We know it could be worse. Everything could always be worse, but we also have so much to be grateful for and this lady just needs more practice focusing on that. So here I go: I'm grateful my husband has a job. I'm grateful that he is able to provide for our family so I can be home with Lincoln. I'm grateful he is home to at least play and see Lincoln before Lincoln's bedtime. I'm grateful that he has (mostly) all weekends off. I'm grateful that my husband has such a positive attitude with everything, even though it results in me feeling completely guilty for my negative-nancy outlook. And I'M SUPER DUPER grateful for that random Friday he got off work a few weeks ago.   

It was stupendously perfect. 
The weather was perfect. The location was perfect. And the fact that it was a Friday morning and we were at the lake with no one else there was even MORE perfect. 
We laid out our beach blanket, dumped the buckets and shovels into the sand for Lincoln, opened our little cooler of drinks and snacks, and enjoyed our view. Even more so, we relished our Friday "DAY" time together as a family. :) :) :)