Aug 18, 2014

Mayfield Park

If you ever need a gorgeous backdrop for a photo, just find a muddy brown lake like this one. She's a real beauty huh?

Well this trip to Mayfield Park was back in our hotel living days shortly after moving to Austin. We did everything we could to stay out of the hotel as long as possible on the weekends. But it was the middle of June and hot and humid, so our trips to the park were most enjoyable on the drive there and back inside the AC blowing car. We also became regulars at one of the mall play gyms........AND around Costco pretending like we're shopping but just there for the samples, just being honest here.

Back to this park: we went on a Saturday morning before it was extremely hot and sticky and it was actually a beautiful place. I heard there were peacocks that roamed around here and thought Lincoln might get a kick out of it. So we walked around the trails trying to track a peacock down-- we could hear them, but never did quite spot one until the very end. Turns out they roam around this garden and pond area by the parking at the end of the trails. Good thing the trails were a hit with Lincoln because he wasn't a fan of those peacocks. C'mon peacocks, can't you be a little more entertaining for my boy?