Aug 14, 2014

we're sure glad we have you Zilker

Probably my favorite place in Austin right now. I know we have so much more to explore, but Zilker Park is a tiny taste of what I imagine Central Park to be like-- but for now I'll just say it's the best.

It's huge (that's what she said), with trees everywhere, running trails, a train ride the goes around the park, volleyball courts, playgrounds, up against the lake and next to the botanical gardens, an outdoor theater and stage for concerts, PLUS a great view of downtown.... you get the idea. These pictures don't even showcase the beauty since we were only in one secluded section of the park.
 Lincoln will just run around as far as you'll let him. I've brought toys every time, but I'll probably stop. He's not even interested in them when he's there. He loves to wave at people walking by and point out the planes flying overhead. He stares at the dogs...maybe gets trampled by a few....he will chase the birds....and then get chased by a few. As for me-- I sit and relax and watch people obsess over their dogs with other dog owners and then pick up their dog's warm poop.... I get to watch a double feature of an outdoor yoga class and a moms&strollers fitness class while I lazily lay there eating all of Lincoln's animal crackers. Oh, and there's always some random person doing something like baton twirling or practicing their own version of martial arts. Either way, we're kinda in love with this place.