Sep 16, 2014

say "sheeeese"

I'm so ready for fall. SO ready. I'm becoming one of those people who would be okay if the summer season just went away. I blame it on the fact of not living in Idaho anymore. Those summers in Idaho....sigh. Let's just say my love of summer will never be satisfied until I can have another summer there. These Arizona/Texas summers just take a poor beating on this old girl now.

This past weekend though we had rain, and a whole lot of it. PLUS, we had "COLDER" temperatures in the high 60's low 70's, I know right? Freezing. AND, it wasn't muggy and sticky! We were outside more than we have been all summer. We had the back doors open to bring in the fresh cold air, sat on the porch and watched the rain (mostly just watching Lincoln's rain dancing), and had a little breakfast-dinner picnic without having beads of sweat dripping down our face. Glorious!!!!!!

One big plate of warm french toast for all three of us. Raspberries mostly for the chubby hand that snatched them all up before anyone else had a chance.
And a bunch of blurry photos of us trying to get a family photo that never quite turned out smoothly. Lincoln has an attraction to the camera and feels the need to jump up after it yelling "sheeeese". 
 oh. and this boy turns 18 months in a few days. this is the best age. THE FREAKING BEST. He is pretty dang special. 

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