Jan 29, 2014

mr & mrs smith

I love surprises. Like really love them. More so, I love surprising Ryan. The only problem, I'm terrible at keeping a secret because I have all this excitement built up and I want to tell him right away.

Well this last Christmas, I had something in mind I wanted to do and I was extremely proud of myself that I was able to keep his "gift" a secret until he opened it Christmas morning. He knew I was dying for him to open it and I wish you could have seen his face when he opened up a box and found..... 12 CARDS IN A BOX. Hahaha. What every guy wants to see right? I'll explain the 12 cards.....

I planned out 12 dates for this year. And not just any dates, but 12 unique dates that include things we have never done before together. I wanted to give him the gift of "us-time". Especially since Lincoln has been born, I want to make sure we continue dating each other. He read through the dates and was stoked for our first date I planned: the shooting range. We just bought another gun that we hadn't been able to shoot yet so we finally were able to take it out and exercise our trigger-finger. I loved it! I might be investing in a thigh holster. :)

My first time at the shooting range-- Not too shabby! Just call us Mr. & Mrs. Smith.