Jan 30, 2014

audition for Newsies

If you haven't seen the musical Newsies you are lame. And if you did see it and didn't like it, you're double lame. A bunch of teenage boys selling newspaper, bursting out into song and dance... that's my kinda movie. And if that still isn't motivation enough to see it, Christian Bale is in it. Does that help?

Anyway, Lincoln in his little hat reminded me of that musical and so now, I'll refer to him as my little Newsie throughout the remainder of this post. 

A friend from church is a photographer who takes pictures for business who sells photography backdrops. She had a few backdrops she needed to take pictures of and asked if she could use Lincoln the Newsie... uhhh YES! PLEASE! & THANK YOU! 

I was pretty thrilled since I never had professional pictures of Lincoln the Newsie all by himself. Something about babies in hats and suspenders that really melts a mom's heart. 

And my Newsie is all ready to bust out some moves and sing!
Happy 10 months to this boy!

I haven't shared any of my Parenthood Club knowledge in awhile, but here's one I've learned recently. 
1. Pavlov's Law. It works on babies...or at least on Lincoln. 
We have our routine in the morning when it comes to breakfast time. I love my oatmeal, have it just about every morning. Sometimes I'll cook a big pot of oatmeal on the stove and have it for the week and just reheat some in the morning. Well, Lincoln's caught on to the beeping of the microwave. He KNOWS when I go and start pushing buttons, food will magically come out and it's time to eat. I'll try to set him on the floor to play with toys while I'm getting us breakfast. He'll play for a few minutes until he hears the microwave.... then I hear the pitter-patter of his hands and knees bolting to the kitchen until he gets to the microwave and pulls himself up and just stares at it. oooooh! aaaaaaaah!