Feb 4, 2014

sedona half

This past weekend Ryan, Lincoln, my dad, mom, grandma AND myself went up to Sedona. My mom and I signed up for another half marathon together. This run was my absolute FAVORITE. I rate my runs on three things: 1. scenery 2. my race time 3. post-race spread. This race ranked really high in 2 out of 3 so it's officially taken the lead in favorite races.
1. You really cannot top the scenery of the amazing red rock mountains... but a close second would be the run in Ashton, Idaho. Potato fields can be gorgeous people, I promise. But Sedona mountains and running through a vortex... well, do I really need to justify my reasoning any further??
2. I was pretty stoked with my time. This was my first half since Lincoln. I didn't train as much as I would have liked, but I tied my PR time so I felt pretty stellar about that.
3. Post-race spread--- they had oranges, bananas, and Clif bars. Okay, I know I'm weird that this matters to me.... but after running that long, I want to eat. EAT. EAAAAT.
This was the 4th Half marathon my mom and I have done together.... now which should we do next?