Jan 10, 2014

can i get a refill?

Just a little advice...

The food was good, the entertainment was good, but I advise you not to go during early-bird dinner time unless you want to steal a snow-bird's cane and fight them for a table because, frankly, that's your only option.
We were like vultures trying to get a table, hovering around our prey, breathing down their necks until we were able to swoop in and snatch up a table.

Did I mention the organ is pretty stellar?
Lincoln puckering up for the camera...
I'm sure no one else will find this as hilarious as I do but as I was going through pictures I came across this number. One of those pictures you take when no one is paying attention and you happen to photograph something really funny but don't know it until later on..... yeah, one of those.

Ryan's sister and her family were in town visiting from Rexburg over N.Y.E weekend. I remember one time, when Ryan and I lived in Rexburg, we went over to their house to hang out. Ryan had brought over a Big Gulp soda and left it on their kitchen counter when we walked in. We were hanging out with Lorie in the living room and Ryan went back into the kitchen to grab his soda. Austin, the boy pictured below, was sneakily chugging Ryan's soda and was caught in the act!

Their kids don't get soda very much, so when they do, they consume as much as they can as fast as they can. So when I saw this picture of Ryan giving Austin some soda, Austin's face because he was getting soda, and then Austin's dad watching Ryan give his son soda..... I had to share. Funny stuff. I also like how Grandpa, who is right next to Austin, is smiling as he is watching the whole thing go down.

Oh! And that Ryan's mom is using a disposable camera. People still use those?
We miss you Cannons! Come back and visit!

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