Jan 2, 2014

just testing out the new tripod.

don't mind us, just testing out the new tripod.
our inner-vogue shined through when you have the timer set to take multiple shots.
thanks for the new tripod, little bro.

well Christmas morning ended up being all that I thought it would NOT be. I was stoked for Lincoln to come down and be smiling and giddy and tearing off the wrapping paper..... but then reality kicked in and I remembered he's only 9 months old and he was not, in the least, interested in a toy he couldn't even see because of that dang wrapping paper.
It was still wonderful, of course, because it was still his "First Christmas" and we able to head over to Nana and Papa Z's for the day. He made out like a bandit with some new bath toys, cars, Buzz and Woody, and lots of books. And it was special this year because he was included in our Christmas Eve tradition of new pj's.

I'm pretty sure every picture I got of him that day was that same blank stare. I thought it was because he just woke up....but it lasted all day. I'm sure he was just holding back all the excitement because he was so overwhelmed. :)
Santa was waiting for Lincoln when we got to my parents. I think he was still traumatized from his Santa experience at the mall.

yep, later that afternoon and still sporting the same blank look. I gotta give it to him, he can keep a serious face for quite some time. Merry First Christmas Lincoln! :)