Jan 2, 2014

she's for hire.

This post is to praise my mom and talk about how awesome she is....because she really is. And one of her many many talents is her table settings. Anyone who knows my mom knows how she can find the neatest things at thrift stores. So, whenever we celebrate any holiday with a dinner, the table is always perfectly embellished with her vintage finds. She's proud of her table settings and I'm proud of her and the boys are just happy when we're done taking pictures of it so they can eat. ha. We were taking pictures and decided the red and green Solo cups were a bit distracting so we took them off until dinner time. I'm just excited that one day all her decorations will be passed down to me. :) Shouldn't she start a business?

We had some people over from Peru who didn't speak a lick of English. So when I had a total brain fart and claimed I was 25 but found out I was actually 26... I was extremely happy they couldn't understand everyone correcting me as I sat in complete stupor and shock. I had the excuse that my birthday was only a few months ago and it takes me a solid 6 months to remember my "new" age.