Jan 3, 2014

double feature for this growing boy

I promise Lincoln isn't ALWAYS smiling, but for the most part he is a super happy and easy-going baby. Don't get me wrong, he does cry and have tantrums....ESPECIALLY when you take his food away. Now THAT is some cringe-worthy screaming. 

He eats pretty much anything that's edible (EXCEPT avocados), and tries to eat some things that aren't (mostly paper, and any type of electronic device). He's still crawling around like he's always in a race, and when daddy gets home he will book it for the door.  

When I put him down to bed at night, we have our little routine. Before I lay him down, I'll hold him in my arms and sing him a little song. He lays his tired head on my shoulder and just listens to me sing. The other night, as I was singing a song, he busted up laughing. This has never happened. Like EVER. My singing usually has a calming affect on him, I guess not anymore. But his giggling got me to start laughing and so he laughed some more and then I laughed some. It was a contagious cycle we were stuck in. The best sound in the world is hearing your baby laugh.
It is THE. BEST. :)
Other news, we finally cut his hair and I'm deeply saddened by the loss..... the loss of hair. 
We didn't want to completely buzz it, but the sides were getting long and turning into a white-boy-fro and we wanted to tame the locks a bit. I bet I'm the only mom who has cut their child's hair while breastfeeding. We didn't have many options and it was the only way we could get him to stay still. Yep. Which is why it turned out pretty scary. When you can only cut one side at a time, getting even sides can be a little challenging. 
I only took a teeny-tiny bit off the top because let's face it, this mom is obsessed with his hair. My Fabio.

These pictures are pre-haircut. Even the sides were getting some height. Anyway, I was taking pictures of him and kept telling him to smile. Every time I did, he would squint his eyes and nose and give me the cheesiest smile. So I got a video to show you.
This boy cracks me UP! 

AND, for another video. 
Ryan's parents were in town this past weekend. They liked sitting in the back seat of the car to keep Lincoln company. His dad was fake sneezing and Lincoln thought it was HYSTERICAL! The fake sneezing made Barry cough, but grandpa was a sport and kept the sneezing coming despite him coughing up a lung inbetween. All for our entertainment... and yours too. :)