Jun 7, 2013

roll out the red carpet for these beauties

today was one of those days where you finally buckle down and do that project you've been meaning to accomplish but lack of supplies keep holding you back. I went to guy buy the supplies but of course forgot one small item, which inevitably delayed the project again. UGH! When a project is as simple as this and doesn't require much, you almost want to say FORGET IT! BUT, a trip a few days later to buy that silly $2.50 item was totally worth it. :)
karn came over today and she worked on her super cute
diy printed sneakers.
STENCIL- free! (homemade)
FABRIC MARKER/OR PAINT- $3 (depends on what you use)
She made these shoes for her trip to Spain this summer. If you think the heart stencil looks great, I won't hesitate to take full credit. I made the stencil myself, thank you very much. But if you think the heart looks messed up.... well then, I'll just say she bought it.  
She traced the stencil with pencil where she wanted them, then went over with with marker. You could always use fabric paint too, but the markers are just way too easy.
book of cards
and while she drew away, I fumbled around punching holes in Lincoln's baby cards. Oh yeah, that one item I didn't buy, a whole puncher. Kinda important to have one of those. But I did buy the clasp rings!
I was pretty happy with my project. I do have carpal tunnel now, but what a small sacrifice for a well organized book of Lincoln's baby cards. After I have corrective wrist surgery, I'll tackle our wedding cards. :)
and the real beauty of today: of course is this baby :)

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  1. The first two pictures aren't showing up!! I tried on my ipad and my laptop! But the last one sure is cute. :)