Jun 6, 2013


Linc's developed a bitter-sweet skill. He's turning those chubby fingers of his into a death grip.
SWEET: more interaction than just staring at his toys from his play gym.
BITTER: the pain he is inflicting on his mother.
Which brings me to my P.C. Knowledge for week 11.
 With this new skill I've discovered why mom's go and cut their hair after having a baby.
Sure, mothers will say, "Oh I cut my hair so it would be easier to take care of blah blah blah..."
The truth?
Their baby mastered the death grip.
When ever I try to set Lincoln down (especially for his nap) he intertwines those chubby fingers through my long locks and instills the death grip. This means I could (hypothetically) let go of him and he would dangle with a firm grip on my hair.
He finds it pretty funny hilarious. He gives me this look like, "I'm only letting go if you can pry my fingers open." And then there's the evil laugh..... not vocally but it's definitely in his facial expression.
Something like this but with a long lock of his mother's hair.
 There's two fixes for this:
1. The mom hair cut
2. Hair in a bun, on top of your head, every day, all day