May 21, 2013

backyard fishin

One of our favorite things about living in Idaho was the short jaunt to a nearby river for Ryan to fly fish. I would tag along, snacks in one hand and my journal in the other. I'd sit in our camping chair or bring a blanket to sprawl out on in my swim suit and soak up the sun. That was our idea of a relaxing weekend. Who would have thought I would miss Idaho so much?
Last night we laughed about how we can still have that country experience here in the city with some minor differences.
1. Our short jaunt to a quiet and secluded river would be
 our canal in the backyard with people jogging by us.
2. We'd still get a beautiful view of the sunset but this time
over downtown instead of miles and miles of potato fields.
3. And some beautiful powerlines as backdrops for
my pictures instead of the Teton mountains.
We can see the good wherever we live. Ha. But one thing we have going for us that is a TON better than those days in Idaho... Ryan now has a little fishing partner.

1 comment:

  1. nice fish ryan!!! i miss that about idaho too!! except now we have a creek in our very own backyard!! :)