May 20, 2013

turn that frown upside down

A miracle happened this weekend.
This weekend I got what every mother wants. A weekend full of sleep. I'm not talking a cat-nap here and there; I'm talking about full on sleep, 3 nights in a row. Lincoln has transitioned to only one middle-of-the-night feeding! This is HUGE NEWS PEOPLE--- like, ALERT THE PRESS news.
It could have been a weekend fluke, tonight we'll know for sure. But this mommy is being optimistic. I'm attributing Linc's success to his 2 month birthday today. That second month is full of milestones. Not only is he sleeping more at night, he's cooing full-on novels, grinning his gummy smile every chance he gets, and is officially... a thumb sucker (with an occassional pointer finger too).
Is there anything this boy can't do?!?
And onto a personal milestone...
my first FINISHED refurbished furniture.
Ryan is a pretty conservative guy when it comes to decorating our home. Let me rephrase, yes he is conservative in style, but his idea of a well-decorated home is one that's somewhat clean. When I ask him if he likes this-or-that for the home, he responds, "Whatever you like." Sigh---I love this man.
Truth is, if he really allowed me to have whatever I liked in the house he would start caring. A pink retro fridge, a floral 50's couch, a turquoise kitchen table.... yah, that wouldn't happen. So when it came to picking out colors for our TV credenza, I chose a conservative gray for Ryan, and a pop of color for me. And who says I don't know how to compromise. :)