May 24, 2013

a day of firsts

Ok. I'm thrilled it's Friday. It was barely 8 this morning and already we had a first. I had Linc doing tummy-time while i was in the kitchen making breakfast. I look over the counter at him and see he's on his back and I'm like WHAAAAT ? That's not how I left you, kid.
I put my growling stomach on hold for a minute, flipped him back over onto his stomach and BAM! he rolled over again. Yes, this all happened before 8am. What else could the day possibly have in store for us?
Oh yes, our first family photos.... but with a baby this time.
Ryan and I did have our first family photos taken of the two of us while we lived in Hawaii by THIS dear friend of ours, Christal. She had just gotten her first DSLR and was apparently starting to "learn" how to use her camera and take beautiful photos, but clearly her pictures prove otherwise.
Raw talent that girl has.
And now after two years and a baby in the family, it's time for our first family photo with a baby on my hip. :) I imagine it will be something like this, but hopefully not as creepy looking.
(sorry Christal if I massacred your beautiful picture. The original copy is safely untouched.)