May 28, 2013


This weekend went by fast, as they always do. But maybe it was a little bit slower since Linc and I had daddy home an extra day. We had our family pictures taken Friday and Linc behaved wonderfully. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to plan family pictures around Linc's schedule. Obviously we didn't want him sleeping, and we especially didn't want him fussy or hungry. So the fact that we had a solid 30 minutes of him cooperating was a true blessing for this mother.

There's a place up the road from where we live I've been patiently waiting for Ryan to take me to. It's this gem on the outskirts of Phoenix. You have to know where it's at because you'd drive right by it without knowing. I decided this weekend would be the weekend. I got up with Lincoln and we walked there. That's when I texted Ryan and told him to come meet us. I figured this was a better approach to getting Ryan out of bed early because asking him at 7am if he wanted to go out to eat, I'm sure I would have heard him mumble something and pull the covers over his head.

The rest of the weekend Lincoln and Ryan had some major bonding time. Ryan's been super busy with either work or church meetings so the long weekend was nice to see them together. Linc loves sleeping on Ryan's chest so there was a lot of that going on. I'm pretty sure every nap this weekend was in his daddy's arms. And then there's the annoying mom who takes pictures of them while they're trying to sleep.