Jun 27, 2012

a great burger, without the cow

When it came time to decide where to go for Ryan's birthday, I thought I would give him two options. His options were Ruth's Chris Steak House or Zinburger. Ruth's Chris is not quite in our budget, but it was a special occassion and I thought if we were ever to splurge, this was the night. Could my husband be anymore of a burger lover though? He stayed true to his 2nd love (me being his 1st) and chose Zinburger-- a burger lover's paradise. They have burgers dressed up in so many different ways, you'll have to go back more than once to try them all.

Zinburger is less than 1/2 mile from our place so in effort of not being completely lazy, we walked in the warm Arizona evening heat to Zinburger. We got there, sat down, ready for our ice waters to be brought to us to moisten our parched mouths and realized we both forgot our wallets. Not the best way to start a birthday dinner. We walked back to our place, drove back to the restaurant, were seated, and finally got our waters! The hiccup was definitely worth it though. We both loved our burgers; I went for the veggie because I felt guilty having the cow on the wall stare right at me...... literally right at me.  

Ryan walked over and asked why I wasn't posting a picture of him on his birthday dinner night and just posting my burger and picture of the cow. So here it is. The Birthday Boy on the night of his birthday dinner. Ain't he precious?