Jun 28, 2012


Acronyms. It's a Shideler thing.
They have acronyms for everything. And this may sound ridiculous but maybe acronyms will be a tradition in our Shideler family as well. Two new acronyms I learned on our weekend trip to Ryan's ranch, S.I.P'n & R.B.F.B's. Technically it's SIP'n with RBFB's, meaning swimming in pond with root beer float bars. Sadly, there were no RBFB's to be eaten, but there was some major S.I.P'n on a b-e-a-utiful summer day. I had my lounge chair, the sun on my skin, breath-taking views...all I needed was an umbrella drink to put in my cup holder. :)
And, probably the sweetest "awwww"- inducing photo of a father & son.
 My brother-in-law Michael and his little boy Roman.