Jun 25, 2012

a dream backyard

This past weekend we went to Ryan's home in Silt, Colorado. I wish I had an amazing camera and I also wish I had some mad skills with photography but unfortunately I lack both. This was a moment when I really would have liked to capture the beauty of his family's ranch. Ryan grew up on a cattle ranch and has shared so many cool stories about his childhood.

One night, we got some blankets, jumped on a 4-wheeler and drove out in the middle of field and star gazed, which is something we used to do in Idaho when we dated. And yes, whenever someone says they went star gazing, there is some making out going on. But why wouldn't there be?? Especially in Silt where you can see every single star. It's super duper romantic. :)

Anyway, I have so many pictures from the trip and can't wait to load them and share the paradise of the Shideler Ranch. This is my attempt of giving you the panoramic view of his backyard. And because the quality is crappy, use your imagination and turn those brownish black dots in the field into horses...because that's what they really are.