May 21, 2012


I know, this scenery shot looks professional right? Ha. Ok. It's from a small digital camera we have. This ain't no DSLR camera, but I like to act like it is. And FYI, the only touch-up I did was sharpen the image. The colors are all natural, baby.
 Yesterday on our drive home from Mesa, there was a beautiful sunset. You can never really capture what they look like in real life but I tried. I was telling Ryan, can we just pull over on the shoulder of the freeway so I can take a picture?????!!!!!
Just then, Ryan noticed a guy pulled over on the shoulder of the highway poking his tire with one of his clutches. He pulled over right away to help the guy out and that, my friends, is why my husband is so awesome. He always stops to help people. This guy had a broken leg and had some tire trouble that would have been difficult to have taken care of by himself. I was told to wait by our car for safety purposes so I was able to get my freeway shot of the sunset and Ryan was able to do some service!

And another professional-amateur shot of a "good samaritan"- a claim made from the guy Ryan helped and I totally agree. :)