May 18, 2012

mirror mirror on the floor

This is bad. Really bad. I'm starting to get an itch... An itch for yard sales. This morning I came to my parents house bright and early to work on my armoire project. On my drive, out of the corner of my eye, i spied a yard sale. Really, it was literally out of the corner of my eye because there wasn't even a sign up yet and they were in the process of setting things up still. (Subconciously I must have seen a pile of junk in a drive-way and became instantly intrigued to dig through and see what I would find in that pile. Ha!)             
And this was my find: A floor mirror and I got it for $15. My weekend started off pretty stellar. Last weekend I dragged Ryan with me to a few yard sales and I saw the cutest high-chair. I was going to buy it (no we don't have a baby and no we aren't expecting) but I finally came to my senses and realized a high-chair was not practical for our little apartment with no babies to fill the seat. All I know is we need to get into a house ASAP so I can start having a place to store my or no baby I will be prepared. :)