May 1, 2012

I can't even think of a title

Ryan is out of town this week for work which means crashing with the folks in the mean time. There's something about sleeping in your old room after being out of the house for about 6 years (wow, am I really coming up on 6 years out of high school? AND my little bro is gaduating.) I feel old. And now I really do feel old for saying "I feel old" because I always hear my mom say that and she is, well, ya know, older.

Anyway, it's a mixture of being in my old room that's giving me the creeps and not having my husband next to me. Plus, the bed is a bit of a downgrade to what I've grown accustomed to but I'm not about to complain about first world problems. I just like softer beds can you blame me? They're like sleeping on a cloud.

I better end this before my restless zombie-like state turns into something awkward. I miss my husband and our bed. That's all.