Apr 30, 2012

airplanes and youtube

Saturday was take-your-wife-to-work day. Ok not really, but for us it was. Ryan was working the saturday shift AGAIN (can you hear the resentment in my voice?) but it was still a nice day, just the two of us hanging out in a work trailer. Plus, their office is set up right next to the airport runways so they have planes landing pretty dang close-by. He didn't seem too keen on going out and watching them, probably because he sees a plane land every five minutes all day long. I, however, took full advantage by getting as close as I could- but not too close where security would come tazer me. That would NOT have been a fun Saturday.

As I watched these massive planes descend, I thought of this video. Which pretty much gives a friendly but straight forward reminder of being grateful for all the comforts we enjoy this day in age.