Mar 1, 2012

Bisbee, AZ

What a cool town!
We strolled the sidewalks and hills on Bisbee's main street strip. This town has art galleries, coffee shops, books stores, antique shops that are fun to browse. If you walk up to the top of the hill there's a chocolate shop- a cute small store selling tiny delicate chocolates. I had to buy one to get my chocolate fix, but beware: 2.50 for a small conservative piece. Extremely delicious, but extremely expensive for my pocket book. ha.
 The charming buildings and the Victorian and European-styled homes painted in bright colors are so fun to see, scattered all over the mountains and hills. There were staircases everywhere that would take you from the street up the hills to more buildings and neighborhoods.
 Bisbee was a huge mining town and there are tours availabe if interested. We weren't able to make a tour but had a great time strolling the town and eating some SCRUMPTIOUS jalapeno cheese fries. :)