Mar 2, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine

Yesterday, maybe 30 minutes before the husband got home, I quickly changed out of my gym clothes I had on ALL stinking day, took a shower, did my make-up, put on nicer clothes, accessorized my neck and wrists with some jewelry, and even combed my hair! He had no idea I was a complete slob all day. And I looked nice for a mere 3 pathetic hours before changing into pajamas to watch tv with him.

I have this inner battle going on of 1.) being a good wife and having dinner ready when the man gets home from working all day, all dressed up with my pearls and a fresh spray of perfume or 2.) being myself which entails messy hair, comfy clothes, no make-up, asking him if he wants cereal or take-out. Quite the inner-battle but to be completely honest, it's the latter of the two that usually wins.

However, after stumbling upon this today, I won't feel so bad if my husband returns home with me looking exactly the same as he left me in the early morning-- all sleepy-eyed with bed-head.I just pray he thinks it's cute too and do my best to keep my hobo-esque to a minimum.