Dec 8, 2011

Road trip!

Well. what better way to end this year and bring in the next than a road trip? i can't think of any. We wanted to go on a little trip to celebrate the hubs graduating but with going to see family for christmas and him starting his first REAL job... we had to improvise.

We're leaving from AZ and headed to the east coast, going through the south. This girl has some serious planning to do. I have to research all of our stops and the major sights to see along the way.
Did i mention i get extremely car sick. I've never taken anything for it, i usually  just sleep until we arrive at the destination so i might be cursing the trip after the first few hours.

My packing list?
1. Dramamine and Benadryl

That way i'll be looking something along the lines of this.... (you can't see the drool coming out.)