Dec 7, 2011


We are so much alike it ain't funny. My picture was from my nursing graduation. His, on our cruise to mexico. But then again we aren't that much alike and it's a good thing. Yesterday i was stressing out about packing up our place and making lists (i'm a list person) of what i need to finish up these next two weeks. That's when my hubby tells me, i need to teach you to relax a little more. yes ryan, you do. But it works out just right because i help him remember things he might have forgotten... and i'll remind him every day until he does it and he tells me not to worry about it and stop reminding him. Perfect balance.
Whoa. I just realized.
I'm just like my grandma. She lives with my parents and whenever i need them to do something, i always ask her to remind them to do it because that way i KNOW it will get done. Ha.
Anyway, after stressing out about moving, the hubby tells me to take the whole day to myself. Buy some phish food (ben&jerry's), watch a doris day movie, and lay in bed. And that my friends is exactly what i did yesterday and probably today too. and it feels sooo good.
sometimes, you just have to have a few days of doing absolutely NOTHING.  I'm so bad. ; )