Nov 16, 2011

Deja vu

Did you know that studies have shown we often marry someone like one of our parents? There's the daddy-daughter situation where a girl wants to marry someone like her father which is what i have done. I saw a lot of similarities before we were married, but it wasn't until this last week during a convo between Ryan and i that i had a childhood flashback.

Ryan asked me where the fingernail clippers were.

Me: I don't know, check the bathroom.
Ryan: I've checked everywhere and you were the last ones to use them.
Me: I'm pretty sure i put them back where i got them. I just don't remember where i got them.
Ryan: do you know where the other pair is at? We have two.
Me: no idea honey. Sorry.
Ryan: Do i need to buy my own and hide them from you so i know where a pair is at all times? That's what my dad did and i guess i'll have to too.

I heard this same conversation growing up between my parents and I'm seeing a pattern here. Because not only did my father-in-law have his own pair, but so did my dad, and soon will my husband. It's a vicious cycle marrying someone like your parents.

Side note- next day Ryan came home and showed me how he had to bite his fingernails down. I've got a Christmas gift idea now! Ha!