Nov 22, 2011

belated birthday weekend... 3 weeks to be exact

My birthday feels like it was forever ago. Ryan was sick my birthday weekend and we finally had a weekend together to go out and celebrate. It was a great weekend for both of us because not only did we have all day saturday and sunday to each other, but we made a very important decision. Ryan is graduating in 3 weeks and has received 3 job offers. Phoenix, Corpus Christi, or Vancouver. After much talk and prayer, we've decided to take the Phoenix offer! :) HOWEVER, this doesn't mean necessarily that we'll be moving to Phoenix. It's the Phoenix southwest district which means we could be anywhere from southern california to western Texas. And the best part is not knowing where we will be placed until 3 weeks before he starts his job!!!! Yay! i LOVE not knowing and not being able to plan.....NOT. haha. It's the small price to pay for being able to work for a great company. Either way we are so grateful for the blessings we've received and love and support from our family and friends.
We spent the rest of Saturday heading out to St. Anthony to a great local resturaunt called Chiz's. It is the neatest place plus a little awkward at the same time. The place is super small and and it's a wrap around bar seating. The waitress is in the middle serving and taking orders. If all the seating is taken, you are standing with your backs against the wall, watching people eat until there is a spot open. Luckily, our wait wasn't very long and we didn't have to breathe down the people's necks to have them hurry up. I wanted to take a picture of the inside but felt completely out of place because i'm sure everyone would have looked up at me. No thank you. You'll just have to go yourself if you want to see the inside. :) We also went back to my favorite little theather the Roxy to see Breaking Dawn. We had our "grandma's floral print couch" in the back corner of the theater again. YES! Best date. You know you have a good husband who agrees to take you to a movie like Breaking Dawn and acts all excited with you when you know this is the last movie he wants to see. It was my "birthday" after all, so he was happy to do it. :)