Nov 14, 2011

El bus de taco


Saturday night after hitting up the movie theater, we went over to Tacos Tepitos...aka... the taco bus. We had the spicy pork burritos (YUM) which was a little ironic after watching the movie Contagion- an epidemic outbreak of a new virus created by pigs and bats. To be honest, I think the burrito was the best one we've ever had there too.

It was also here that my lovely husband announced that he received the job offer from a company based in Phoenix, AZ (my hometown baby!). He had found out the day before but wanted to wait and tell me and i guess eating alone in the taco bus eating pork burritos was a fitting moment. Then we found out Sunday morning about another job offer in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have been extremely B L E S S E D and are so G R A T E F U L to have these opportunities. We haven't made a decision yet and will be praying faithfully where our new home should be. Either way, both options are warmer than here! :)

I knew I took that pre-interview picture for a purpose. Pre/Post job offer.