Jun 5, 2011

What a diff...

For memorial weekend, ryan and I were able to make a get-away from rexburg up to island park... One of our favorite places for weekend vacations. One of my friends has a cabin that she never uses and lets us go there whenever. We heard it was going to be a cold memorial day weekend and thought it would be better being cold there rather than rexburg so we went prepared with lots of movies, food, and games. It's a good thing for fire place because we spent most of our time in front of it watching movies and playing yahtzee and scrabble. Ryan attempted to go fishing while i did some reading but he wasn't gone very long. It seemed like he was gone just long enough to go to the gas station, buy a drink, and get a taste of the cold weather and turn back.

Cold weather it was because the whole weekend it snowed. The only outdoors we experience was when Ryan was looking out the front window and spotted a soda across the street in the neighbors driveway. I have no idea how he could spot that. I HAD to take a picture to show you how great my husband's eyes are... And yes, when I went out to the car to grab something, he asked me to go get it for him. Can you spot it from across the street??

What a difference one week can make though. We finally had some sunshine and got up to the 70's. We relaxed in the grass outside, and took our bikes around town. First up, subway to try the new featured sub, then over to the farmers market where we got apples and asparagus, then pedaled over for some frozen yogurt, caught a movie, biked across the street to a little Mexican resturaunt to grab a burrito before finally biking home.

The nice weather continued on through the weekend. Ryan had a basketball game..hello future NBA player... and stopped by the rodeo. Yeeha