May 25, 2011

Workin Man

After Ryan's break from school he is back at it like white on rice. He is taking 18.5 credits this semester. He's an over-achiever and a hard workin man. One of his business classes is 12 credits alone and requires the students to create and operate a business on campus. Allow me to introduce you to the latest and greatest place to quench your thirst... Thirst. Ryans company is selling Italian sodas and fresh squeezed lemonade. I stopped by today after work to scope it out since Ryan was on shift opening day. Of all days to open, this was the one. Sunny. Clear skies. And warm!
I tried the mango lemonade. Before I knew it, kids (yes, once you graduate everyone else still in school is considered a kid) were swarming the place. Success!
Side note: i like how i said swarming and this picture doesn't not portray swarming. this was taken before the actual swarmage. :)